We’ll start each day off right with a morsel of luscious ManCandy. Always.  Always. You can look at it while lying in bed and sigh dreamily before reality kicks in. 
Later in the morning, when you’re wide awake and the grey matter is working, we’ll move onto the meatier more stimulating meaningful posts. Depending, that is, on how you define “meaningful.” (See details below on what you can maybe expect each day of the week). After that it’s nothing but pretty, pretty pictures until we tuck you in at night with a kiss and for the late night crowd, a bit of spice.
Current Dailies (not every daily is used every day)
  • Mancandy
  • Nothing Butt
  • Transcandy
  • Androgyny
  • Nooner
  • Girls Too
  • Mid-Day Menage
  • Afternoon Interludes
  • Goodnight Kiss
  • Late Night Nooky

Mix-It-Up Monday

This is our junk drawer day. Because sometimes weekends are hard.

Tuesday Tangent

Links to other places on the Internet you might enjoy. Sometimes by us, sometimes by guests.

Wednesday Wine and Whine

The day we vent our spleens. Or just have a drinkie and forget about it. Often this is a guest post by the Friday author, though.

Thursday Things

Our favorite things. Like Oprah, except we can’t put cars under your chairs. Sometimes posted by guests.

Friday Free For All

Might be a giveaway. Might be a picture of a fireman. Might be one of us waxing poetic. Might just be us waxing. Might be more Aden Jaric. Might be a link to The Daily Bunny. You never know.
Okay, it’s pretty much always an ebook giveaway. But SOMEDAY it might be a fireman. With a bunny.

Saturday and Sunday

Whatever. It’s the weekend.  Besides, you need time to catch up on whatever you missed during the week.