I'm Scheduled as a Guest. Now What?

Sullivan Stapleton

I’m scheduled as a guest. Now what?

Here are the details on our daily themes and what exactly you can/should/might write about.
We have one rule: No hot-button issues! We are not interested in stirring up controversy. Politics, religion, book piracy, global warming are all OUT. Also, we are quite aware of the little angry fires that flare up in our genre. We want absolutely NO PART of any of them. We want this blog to be fun and welcoming. We’d rather you write about your cat puking on your keyboard than about whatever has people’s panties in knots. If we feel your post is going to draw fire, we will kindly ask you to send us something else.
For our regular Wednesday/Friday author feature spot:
The theme for Wednesday is Whine and Wine. For these posts, just about anything goes, as long as it meets the above criteria. 
On Friday, we do a giveaway. Most authors do an ebook, but this is NOT required. It could be swag. It could be an excerpt or a free short story. Frankly, it can be anything at all. We’re not picky. Just send us the info. We’ll put up the post, choose a winner (using a random selection program) and inform both them and you of the winner. Easy peasy.
We LOVE to have guests the other days of the week as well, although if you’re an author, we do ask that these posts be a bit more than a blatant promotion (although we don’t mind a bit of promotion along with your post). Doing a giveaway with these posts is absolutely optional.
Mix-it-Up Monday:
Anything that isn’t a hot-button issue.  Seriously.  Anything.  Check out some examples:
Past posts have included:
Making Tea in a Narrowboat in 10 Simple Steps, by Josephine Myles
Are You Ready for Some Football, by Mercy Celeste
Tuesday Tangent:
Links to places on the web we like. 
If you host your own blog or site that ties in with porn, wine, coffee, books, movies… well, anything, really, we’d love to feature you. In those cases, blatant promotion is the name of the game. :-)
Thursday Things:
Things we like. Like Oprah’s Favorite Things, except we can’t put anything under your chair. 
For some great examples of authors doing promotion that’s not “blatant” promotion, check out these via the Internet Wayback Machine:
If you have ANY questions about this, email us at cupoporn@gmail.com.
For all posts, please:
  1. Send it at least 48 hours before your scheduled slot. Send it to cupoporn@gmail.com. There’s NOTHING wrong with being early. A month or two in advance is not a problem. In fact, if you’re very early, we might get you in sooner if someone else forgets/is late.
  2. Send it as an .rtf or .doc.  Please do NOT send it as a .docx.
  3. Please don’t embed your images in your file, because the blog won’t let me upload them that way. Send images as separate attachments.
  4. Be sure to include any links, cover art, bio, etc you’d like included.
  5. We’ll send you a friendly reminder 1-2 weeks prior to your scheduled date.
For ALL posts, please have the post to us at least 48 hours in advance. I hate to be the bad guy, but frankly, we’re tired of receiving posts less than two hours before they’re scheduled to go live. If your post is not received 48 hours in advance, we will release your spot to somebody else (or we’ll just fill it with random pictures of men and/or wine).
You can send the posts to cupoporn@gmail.com.

Again, feel free to ask us any questions. We look forward to having you as our guest!