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Daniel Craig

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Do you want to:

Write a blog post for our Wednesday Whine and Wine and give something away in our Friday Free-For-All combo?
Send us a picture of yourself in your altogether, or a snapshot of your morning coffee or tea, or your evening cocktail, or your favourtie writing/reading/surfing spot?
Get interviewed by our crack interviewing staff?  ( *LOL*  It's either Evaine or Shawny, but you know... hyperbole. *wink*)
Share your favourite things on Thursday?  Or your thoughts on a favourite subject?
Give us an interesting tangent (or a tirade) on Tuesday?  
Mix it up with us on Monday?

We don't just do ebooks either.  Want to give away your cookbook?  Talk about your new porn flick?  Promote your new erotic photography calendar or coffee table book?  Maybe you'd like to wax rhapsodic on your love of knitting?   Do you have favourite links to share?  Or maybe your own website?  Do you have a recipe, photo or story you want to share?   However you want to play, we want to know about it!  Send us an email at cupoporn@gmail.com .

For even more info on what exactly being a CoP guest entails, check out this page.  

Note:  Who knew that a blog dedicated to romance, sex, love and porn would be so popular?  Well, we did, of course!  We have a limited number of guest spots available and Evaine believes in punctuality, so don't be afraid to book well in advance.  

By the way, if you emailed us and haven't heard back, check your spam filter.  That 'porn' in our name has landed us in more than one.  :)  Cheers!