Thursday, January 14, 2016

Late Night Kink (NSFW)

Sometimes I look at porn and wonder what producer said "You know what would be awesome?"

Goodnight Kiss (SFWish?)

Ev's Eye (NSFW)

*Happy Sigh*

Mid-Day Menage (NSFW)

Nooner (NSFW)

Cowboy boots can be hard to take off, I agree.

Thursday Thoughts with BA Tortuga

Living the Dream

When I was a little one, about a million years ago, I dreamed about living in some big city, as far away from the ranch, from the country, from chickens and goats and cattle and horses. I wanted to live in San Francisco, in London, Rome, New York, Boston.

Anywhere but Podunk Texas.

Man Candy (SFWish?)

What's this from?

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Late Night Kink (NSFW)

Light kink, but I like the pic.

Goodnight Kiss (NSFW)

Goodnight kiss, now with 200% more penis!

Ev's Eye (NSFW)

Aww, honey, don't be shy!

Mid-Day Menage (NSFW)

Action shot!

Nooner (NSFW)

Options are always good.

Tuesday Tour Stop with Cari Waites (aka Lisa Henry)

Today, we shine our spotlight on the latest release from Lisa Henry, writing as Cari Waites, titled Stealing Innocents.  And don't miss the giveaway!

Man Candy (NSFW)

Musical man candy!