Friday, January 01, 2016

Late Night Kink (NSFW)

Group fun!

Goodnight Kiss

Ev's Eye (NSFW)

Have a safe and happy New Year, everyone!

Here's to 2016!

Het O'Clock (NSFW)

A true afternoon delight, I think.

Nooner (NSFW)

Big boys in bed.

New Year Man Candy

It's a New Year special. Have you all seen the new Star Wars? You should. This guy's in it*.

*ok, so technically, this is not from Star Wars (if anyone knows what it's actually from, please tell me, and also possibly let me know where I may procure it for multiple numerous repeat viewings), but Oscar Isaac is a beautiful man, and y'all need to start your year out right!

Man Candy

He looks about how I feel this morning.

Man Candy (NSFW)

Nude with socks.