Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Late Night Leather (NSFW)

Bubble butt in black and white.

Goodnight Kiss (NSFW)

I assume this is NSFW, I can't quite tell where all the bits are.

Ev's Eye (NSFW)

It's important to wear a hat when you're out in the sun.

Girls Too (NSFW)

Girls in bed.

Nooner (NSFW)

Warming up.

Tuesday Tour Stop (Part 4) with Amy Lane

Amy’s Adventures in the Pacific Northwest—Part 4


By Amy Lane

Of course my childhood adventures in Brother Bus (previous posts here, here and here) aren’t the only times I’ve been up to Oregon, Washington, or Canada. 

Man Candy (NSFW)

Morning wood in the woods.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Late Night Kink (NSFW)

Pull up a seat.

Goodnight Kiss (NSFW)

Through the window.

Ev's Eye (NSFW)

Messy and dirty can be so damned hot.

Het O'Clock (NSFW)

When you don't want the weekend to end...

Nooner (NSFW)

Mating season in the wild.

Monday Spotlight on Christine D'Abo and The Dom Around the Corner

Thank you for having me here today! Let me introduce myself. I’m Christine d’Abo and I’m an author and lover of erotic romance. I’ve been writing seriously for ten years and have been published for the last eight of those. I love video games, superheroes, and anything that will mess with your mind. I’m also a secret ninja, but I’m unable to discuss those matters. Shhh…

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Man Candy (NSFW)

Ever have that moment where you get down to shave your legs, and then can't figure out how to up again.