Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Wednesday Wondering with Kristian F. Power

“I have a dream.” Said Martin Luther King. We all have dreams – one way or another, I’m sure of that. Some dreams are visionary, grand, and work changes in our minds and in society. Other dreams are more mundane – dreams for ourselves, for our family and friends. Dreams are good. Dreams keep us “alive” and striving. Dreams help us over the hurdles in life that can at times seem unsurmountable.

Apart from my dreams of ruling the galaxy and making Earth a wonderful place, I dream in stories. Stories of adventure and suspense interwoven with love and romance – love and romance between men of course. I like women, have even loved a few, but when it comes to erotic emotions and passion, to sizzling embraces, it’s mostly other men that my dreams spin around.
These daydreams, for daydreams they are, keep me in a warm, comfortable animal-like state. They flow from my heart and mind through my arms and fingers onto the keyboard, and thus onto the pages.

I’m passionate about writing. I’m a slow writer. I can pore over a few pages for days on end, and I keep returning, again and again, until I’m finally satisfied and believe it’s the best I can do. So writing a full size novel can easily take me a year. Sometimes more.

Next to writing, my major interests are travelling, computers and exploring the virtual realities developing and growing on the internet.

I'm not terribly efficient on the social media, but I try.

In my latest novel, First Love, published by Dreamspinner Press, the two young main characters, Krister and Jens, are both dreamers and romantics, but their flights of emotion, their passionate love for one another, is spiced with a good deal of common sense, the ability to ground each other when necessary. This trait comes from me as well. Besides being a phantast, I’m also an earthbound person with a good deal of attention focused on the practicalities of life. Sounds like a contradiction? Maybe. But it works for me.

Thank you for your interest and for reading this! I hope I have tickled your curiosity, that you’d like to know First Love better.


First Love

Growing up, Krister Foss had a hazy awareness of being gay. Now a conscript in the same army garrison with Jens Petri, Krister has fallen head over heels in love – the first true love for both he and Petri. Having nowhere to express their feelings, they turn an old abandoned smokehouse into their secret love-nest.

After Jens has an accident, Krister finagles a false day-pass to visit his lover in the hospital. He’s found out, though, and accused of insubordination. The lives of the two young soldiers develop rapidly in unexpected and dramatic ways. Bonded by life-changing events, friendship blossoms among a group of young people, one of them the King’s nephew.

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