Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thursday Thoughts with Kristi Lee

Hi there! My name is Kristi Lee, and I'm a newly published author at Dreamspinner Press. My novella, Surprised at Nothing, is a 'how they get together' story in the urban fantasy genre.

As the theme for this post is about dreams and fantasies, I'll share what has been a long-standing fantasy of mine: a threesome of me with two guys. I wrote my first m/m/m threesome sex scene several years ago and spent quite a bit of time working out the logistical details of how to make that work— it wasn't much of a jump to self-insert myself into the role of the person riding the character lying on his back, who was, at the same time, being enthusiastically fucked by the other character standing up. Imagining just how stimulating it would be to be a part of all of that sexual energy at once has been quite the effective fantasy for many years now!

To tie in this theme of dreams and fantasies with my first Dreamspinner novella, the protagonist, Reggie Orrick, finds himself falling for an ebullient Irishman named Ian McGinty, known as Kelp by everyone. In the course of the story, Reggie finds himself shirtless in front of Kelp, and at first takes Kelp's sounds of distress to mean that he hates tattoos. It turns out that Kelp loves tattoos, but as a side effect of being an Unfortunate (born of magus parents but not able to perform any spells or other magic himself), tattoos won't 'stick' on him. Non-magus and magus tattoos alike, they all fade within a few days. Kelp's dream is to have a tattoo of a seal to honor one part of his ancestry, ancestry that Reggie discovers is partially why he's drawn to Kelp since he's a somewhat ordinary looking bloke. This strong desire for a seal tattoo doesn't take full shape until the sequel to Surprised at Nothing, which I'm writing now. It's certainly my hope for Kelp's dream to come true! ;)

As for my own fantasy, I did arrange for a real-life threesome a few years back. As with many fantasies that are converted to real life, it didn't quite live up to expectations. Going forward, as a fantasy within my own imagination and involving characters whom I adore, I know it will continue to provide much erotic fodder for me. Thanks for having me as a guest blogger!

Happy reading, dreaming and fantasizing—


Surprised at Nothing

Even in a Magus world, things are not always as they seem. However, what could possibly go wrong when archeologist Reggie Orrick, the red-haired son of a red-haired Magus, halts his Eastern European dig and travels to Ireland to research his latest find of what's probably just a fossilized rock?

With Reggie’s luck? Everything.

Once in Ireland, Reggie crosses paths with Ian “Kelp” McGinty, an Unfortunate of Magus and Fae ancestry, who’s more than happy to appoint himself Reggie’s guide and confidant. Kelp’s irrepressible personality and compelling “something” draws Reggie to him, and Reggie’s about convinced himself to extend his stay to get to know the Unfortunate better. But one near-tragic car accident later, and Kelp disappears… with Reggie’s rock.

Reggie’s left to wonder if he’s made a huge mistake in trusting Kelp, for the “rock” might just be an Irish Snakesbane—an egg from an extinct line of dragons!

Kristi Lee
 was a prolific fanfiction slash writer for 10 years before turning her hand to original fiction. She’s had a lifelong obsession with all things Celtic, purple, redheads, and men in kilts. She lives in Portland, Oregon, where — to her delight — she gets to see plenty of the last in her obsession list.

Connect with Kristi on her blog, Nil Admirari.

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