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Monday Spotlight on Kirby Crow and Hammer and Bone (with Interview!)

To start of this first week of March and what we hope is warmer weather for many of us, we have the first spotlight stop on Kirby Crow's Hammer and Bone blog tour.  And yes, there is a blog tour giveaway, so don't miss it!  (And I (Evaine) have to admit that this is one of my most favourite covers of the past few years.)

EDT:  We also have an interview with Kirby!  Woot!

1. What's the first thing you would like readers new to Kirby Crow to know?

That I really appreciate and love my readers. They mean so much to me and I love interacting with them. It’s just my favorite thing. If you’re reading one ofmy books or stories and you have a question or feedback, please always feel free to contact me. I’m pretty much glued to the internet and I’d be thrilled to hear from you.

2. What draws you to fantasy and the darker side of the paranormal? Does that spring partially from your love of gaming?

Oh, not at all. In fact - with the exception of the Assassin’s Creed series - my gaming preferences gravitate toward lighter themes. You can blame my love for thoughtful horror squarely on Stephen King and Anne Rice.

3. What has been your oddest source of inspiration?

Virtual worlds. I’ll often log my avatar into one, find a quiet spot, and just sit there and write “inside” the virtual world. But most of the time, if the weather permits, I’ll head outside into the real world. The sky is a huge canvas for inspiration.

4. Have you read any "OH WOW!" books lately? Or seen any "OH WOW!" movies or TV shows?

Ohhh man. So much stuff. I’m a voracious consumer of media of all kinds. I think my last OH WOW movie was Interstellar, and the book was Prince ofThorns by Mark Lawrence. Amazing efforts, both.

5. Rumor has it that you like to bake. Do you have a favourite recipe that all your friends and family want you to share?

Well, it’s not really my recipe, alas. I follow the Hershey’s chocolate cake recipe on the back of their powdered cocoa box, but I add a packet ofStarbuck’sVia instant coffee to the dry mix (any flavor, but it has to be the Starbucks instant. Trust me) and then for the frosting I whip up a double-batch ofchocolate ganache using semi-sweet chips and heavy cream. I’ve made hundreds of cakes and that really is the best one. It’s the one I get asked to bring to every event. (laughing) Use it wisely or you’ll be baking it for your family forever.

6. Do you have a dedicated workspace for writing or are you a 'have laptop will travel' writer? A little of both?

I actually have several favorite spaces in my house – and one outside - that I have christened as writing areas. But I don’t really like living spaces dedicated to one single thing. Most of my spaces have to pull double duty. However, the lion’s share of work gets done on my desktop. I have about 1/4th of the dining room that is my “office” because it’s square in the middle of the house. In that space there’s a floor to ceiling desk, all my tech stuff, and double monitors. The smaller monitor is at eye-height for a standing desk, the other is a 32-inch monitor below it for sitting down and drawing.

So... both, I guess?

7. What's your ultimate dream destination?

Iceland. I can look at pictures of the landscape of Iceland all day. It’s lovely, lonely, alive, and breathtaking all at once. And the geothermal aspect fascinates me.

8. Night owl or early bird?

Night owl. Dawn and sunrise depress me. Maybe because I’m such a fan of dusk and night.

9. Breakfast, lunch or dinner?

*dons Conehead hat and duckwalks *Lunch! Lunch! Lunch!

10. Leather or lace?

Organic cotton. :)

 Hammer and Bone

The purest evil lives in the hearts of men.

Carnival mystics. Zombie tribes. Bad magic in the Bayou. Mage-princes, alien cities, and soul-stealing priests. The grim monsters in the worlds of these dark, speculative tales are true horrors, but it’s the people you should fear the most. 
People like Michel, a boy pining for his best friend, Ray. But a presence in the swamp calls Michel to avenge another lost love, and he must decide which summons to answer. Or Angelo, a prescient cop who denies his visions until they endanger the man he loves. Or Bellew, an overseer in a shantytown of criminals sheltering a revenant and feeding it from their ranks.
From ruined lands of steam and iron, to haunted Southern forests, to brutal city streets where hope and damnation flow from the same spring, only a few stubborn souls possess the heart to challenge evil on its own terms. Some wield magic, some turn to rage or even love, but the ones left standing will survive only if they find the courage to carve their own paths to freedom.
Even if it means carving through flesh.

About the Author

Kirby Crow is an American writer born and raised in the Deep South. She is a winner of the EPIC Award and the Rainbow Award, and is the author of the bestselling "Scarlet and the White Wolf" series of fantasy novels. Kirby and her husband and their son share an old, lopsided house in the Blue Ridge with a cat. Always a cat.

Her published novels are:

Prisoner of the Raven (historical romance)
Scarlet and the White Wolf: The Pedlar and the Bandit King (New Adult fantasy, m/m, Torquere Press)
Scarlet and the White Wolf: Mariner's Luck (New Adult fantasy, m/m, Torquere Press)
Scarlet and the White Wolf: The Land of Night (New Adult fantasy, m/m, Torquere Press)
Angels of the Deep (paranormal/horror)
Circuit Theory (novella, scifi, Riptide)

Coming Soon:

Malachite (speculative m/m, New Adult, 2015)
Poison Apples (collection, dark fantasy, m/m, 2015)
Scarlet and the White Wolf 4 (New Adult fantasy, m/m, 2015)

For upcoming news of her future novels, visit Kirby's website at


Amazon Link:


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