Monday, May 19, 2014

Goodnight Kiss

So last week I posted the video of Michael Sam celebrating his draft into the NFL with a kiss with his boyfriend. And while you and I probably went "oh that's sweet" and went about our day, apparently (and predictably) certain quarters of the internet lost their shit and went all "how do I explain this to my children?!!"

For those out there still grappling with this, here's a suggestion.

*Sits child down on a chair, kneels so we are at eye level and trust is established*

Sometimes, when men are really good at football in college, they get drafted into the NFL so they can play professionally.

*pats child's head, stands up, goes outside to mow the lawn*


Then Jill sent me this link to the great Facebook Kiss In, which, really, we have a kiss every night, but in case your feed is suddenly inundated with kissing men, at leas you'll know why. Feel free to borrow any of our latest SFW kisses if you want to join in the fun!

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