Saturday, November 23, 2013

Winners!! Thursday Things with Charley Descoteaux

On Thursday, Charley Descoteaux dropped by to blog about naughty knitting as well as her latest release, Curious Sustenance.  She also brought along 2 prizes for a random giveaway.  And the winners are...

Friday, November 22, 2013

Late Night Kink

Happy weekend! Hang tight, we'll be back on Monday.

Goodnight Kiss

Ev's Eye

I'm very fond of pin-ups.  I'm also fond of legs in stockings.  And redheads.  And things reminiscent of  the 50s.  I guess I hit the jackpot with this one.  :)   Have a great weekend, everyone!!

Het O'Clock (NSFW)

Never before captured on film, the mid-Western mating dance is a lost art in most North American cultures.

Winner!! Mix-It-Up Monday with LB Gregg!

This week's Mix-It-Up Monday post included a great random giveaway from author LB Gregg!   She's done the drawing and the lucky winners are...

Nooner (NSFW)

His toes!!!! Look at his toes!!

Friday Free-For-All with Megan Slayer

Want to win a prize pack from Megan Slayer featuring autographed swag and a one-of-a-kind bracelet/earring set – US only?  Then leave your name and email for a chance to win! Are you international? No problem! If the winner is an international reader, then you’ll be able to pick a book from my backlist as the prize. Good luck!

Here’s my latest release and a snippet to entice you!

Man Candy (NSFW)

Sweetheart, that hat's just drawing attention. You should drop it.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Late Night Leather (NSFW)

Just a giant puppy pile of boots and limbs.

Goodnight Kiss

Ev's Eye (NSFW)

The first thing I think about upon seeing this is that it must be awfully raspy on their particulars.  Ah, what they'll do for their art, eh?  :)   And then I think that this has to give new meaning to being "out on a limb".  (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist - I'm a bad, bad woman.)

Show Your Joe

This has been making the rounds, so you may have already seen it. I hope it makes you laugh as much as I did.

Girls Too (NSFW)

Sexy. That is all.

Nooner (NSFW)

Onwards with the romantic missionary nooners. This one's got some beards, and the top's hand on the back of the bottom's head just perfects it for me.

Thursday Things with Charley Descoteaux

Yarn is Like Rope

First, a huge thank-you to the lovely ladies here at Cup O’ Porn for having me back. No matter what the home address says, this is one of the prettiest spots on the net!

Props are things, so that’s what I’m talking about on today’s Thursday Things spot. I wanted to tie a fun giveaway in with my new release but it’s not practical to give away a hank of rope and I’m fresh out of hot Japanese men, so I had to dig a little deeper.

Man Candy (NSFW)

I can never resist a man kitchen.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Late Night…uh….

I honestly don't know what's going on here. I'm gonna pretend it's kink. It's definitely photoshopped.


Is this what y'all fantasize about when you're alone?

Goodnight Kiss

Ev's Eye (NSFW)

He can leave his hat on.   Really.  Seriously.  Damn, he's fine.  :)

Girls Too (NSFW)

Pretty girl for your Hump Day afternoon.

Nooner (NSFW)

I found the most delicious series of nooners for the rest of the week. Sometimes all we want is a little missionary position and a good kiss, right?

Wednesday Whine & Wine with Megan Slayer

 Thanks to Cup O’Porn for having me again. I love being here. J Now its time for whine and wine.

Man Candy (NSFW)

How many naked men does it take to change a light bulb?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Late Night Kink (NSFW)

A bit of roleplay, a bit of bondage, a bit of leather, a bit of submission... a little something for everyone.  :)

Goodnight Kiss

I love how the fellow in the black t-shirt has his arm curled about the other fellow's waist.

Ev's Eye

I saw this on Rachel Haimowitz's tumblr and had to repost it here.  It's TOO perfect not to.  :)  I did a bit of pic googling to see what was what and I found that apparently they're called Orchis Italica or the Naked Man Orchid.  Of course every entry that came up on google was from a joke blog/twitter/site, so...

Tuesday Afternoon Dance Break

On the old blog, videos used to fall under the "Afternoon Randomness" tag, but I think we're going to have to change it to "Afternoon Awesomeness". Meet Chris Koo, who has moves that would make Beyonce weep.

Girls Too! (NSWF)

Watch out, curves ahead!

Nooner (NSFW)

Take just a little peek.  :)

Spotlight on Shock & Awe by Abigail Roux

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Day Four Hundred and Eighty-Seven of the Shock & Awe blog tour! Thank you to Cup O Porn for hosting my last day on the tour. If you’re following along, you might find this handy dandy schedule of use, and you might be interested in keeping up with me each day, because I’ve got a couple goodies to give away. In celebration of Nick and Kelly’s coming out, so to speak, I’ve got three of their Heart and Clover T-shirts for three lucky commenters. And I’ve got five sets of trading cards with original artwork and character work-ups, something I intend to add new cards to every year, which makes this first year’s cards pretty important if you’re an obsessive collector like I am.  (The contest is open worldwide, one winner will be chosen tour-wide, and an email left w/comments is considered an entry to win.)

The End is Nigh!

Man Candy (NSFW)

Today's lumberjack Man Candy knows all about morning wood.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Late Night Leather (NSFW)

Minimal leather. Just the way I like it.

Goodnight Kiss

Ev's Eye

How many of you have seen these 'homme et chaton' (Man and kitten) pictures?  I love them and find them so well done.  :)  I have been known to laugh out loud in delight.  Yes, in delight, folks!  This one really caught my eye because both subjects are really pretty.

Girls Who Read

This is charming perfection that makes my nerdy girl heart sing.

Girls Too (NSFW)

A new suggestion for casual Friday at the office.

Nooner (NSFW)

Enjoy the view!

Nooner (NSFW)

Action shot. If I had a European apartment with floor to ceiling windows, I would spend all my time taking advantage of the situation too.

Mix-It-Up Monday with L.B. Gregg

Mixer Monday

Hi! My name is LB Gregg and I write m/m romantic comedies. I want to thank Cup of Porn for hosting this stop of the How I Met Your Father blog tour and all of you for stopping by. I’m thrilled to be part of the Home for the Holidays collection and want to encourage you to purchase my book—as Riptide will donate 20% of the proceeds of the sale of this book, and the collection, to the Ali Forney Center in New York. The centers mission “is to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning (LGBTQ) youth from the harm of homelessness, and to support them in becoming safe and independent as they move from adolescence to adulthood.”

Blog Tour Itinerary

Charley's Coffee Time

Hey, remember when this blog used to be Coffee And Porn? Yeah, I don't really either, but Charley Descoteaux does and was kind enough to send us her morning coffee shot. She'll be by later this week to do Thursday Things with us too!

If you've got a coffee pic to share (or a cocktail pic, there wine and sex in the afternoon, after all), email it to!

Nothing Butt Man Candy (NSFW)

Gah. I think there's more than the shower that's made from marble here.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Winner!! Friday Free-For-All with Draven St. James

On Friday, Draven St. James prepared us for the coming full moon weekend with an offering of a digital copy of her latest release, Scent of a Wolf.   Now we're announcing the winner of the random drawing.  DRUMROLL!!  The winner is....