Friday, November 08, 2013

Late Night Leather

Have a good weekend folks! I hope you look fabulous doing whatever you do this weekend.

Goodnight Kiss

Het O'Clock (NSFW)

The next time he says you should just go to IKEA instead of going antiquing, remind him that sometimes the older stuff is sturdier.

Nooner (NSFW)

Friday Free-For-All with Clare London

To celebrate the release of FLYING COLORS

I’m offering two free downloads of the book today. Just comment here with your email address, and tell me something about YOUR favourite HEA fantasy! I discussed HEA in Wednesday’s post, so feel free to share your thoughts there as well.

The winners will be chosen by random and I’ll announce the names after the weekend.

Many thanks to my lovely CoP hosts for my visits this week, and to you, my even lovelier audience J

Man Candy (NSFW)

I generally try not to post headless people, I find it a little dehumanizing. Call it a double standard amidst our daily dose of objectification. But this one…well….he's just so lickable.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Late Night Kink (NSFW)

Caption this photo! Words have failed me.

Goodnight Kiss

Girls Too (NSFW)

Tattoos and yum.

Nooner (NSFW)

Fun with perspective. It took me a while to sort out all the body parts.

Man Candy (NSFW)

Ev here!  I don't know what happened to this morning's Man Candy, but I found this fellow hanging around, just looking out the window with what looks like a very determined expression.  I do love gingers.  :)

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Late Night Kink

This is either going to go very well, or very badly.

Goodnight Kiss

Winner!! Mix-It-Up Monday with S.E. Culpepper

Monday we posted a CoP interview with author S.E. Culpepper and learned about her latest release, Fall Apart.  There was a random drawing for the winner's choice of an ebook copy of one of the four Liason books of which Fall Apart is one.  And the lucky winner is...

Girls Too (NSFW)

Every nerdy fanboy's dream.

Nooner at the Beach (NSFW)

On the one hand, public sex is always fun for a change. On the other hand, someone's headed straight for a free dermabrasion, and not in a good way.

Wednesday Whine & Wine with Clare London

HEA - what’s that all about?

Now I know this feature is sometimes called the Wednesday Whine, but I’m not here to whine. Honestly! But it gives us a chance to bandy around some ideas and questions, right? ^_~

I’m currently celebrating the release of my new book Flying Colors. It’s the fifth book in a kind-of series, starting with True Colors, through 3 sexy shorts called Ambush, Payback and Switch, and now Flying Colors. All the stories feature erotic romance, and elements of sexual tension, drama, theft, danger, angst, joy, confession and reconciliation. And – of course? – an HEA of sorts.

Man Candy (NSFW)

This looks like how I imagine our entry in the Hunger Games, if CoP was its own district. I don't know that he'd last very long, but it would be an awfully pretty fight.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Late Night Leather (NSFW)

Nothing Butt a Goodnight Kiss (NSFW)

There's probably a kiss going on here somewhere. But mostly it's hands and butt. Not that that's a problem.

Girls Too (NSFW)

Ready for dictation sir!

Nooner (NSFW)

It's Monday, so nothing fancy today, just some good old unadulterated sex.

Mix-It-Up Monday with S. E. Culpepper

Today on the blog, we are being introduced to author, S. E. Culpepper.  She's out on a blog tour, promoting her latest release, Fall Apart, the 4th book of the Liason series.   Read on to find out more about her, her book and there's also a giveaway!

Man Candy (NSFW)

A lovely specimen from the equally lovely JK Hogan to start off our week!