Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thursday Thoughts with Lorraine Ulrich

Dream of a New World

Hello! This is Lorraine Ulrich and I'm excited to be here on Cup O'Porn! I'm here to talk about dreams and how they help in the writing.

I don't have a lot of recurring dreams, and like a lot of people my dreams tend to fade pretty quickly. Though I did have one notable nightmare about man-eating preying mantises called bergs. However I do daydream a lot. Like really a lot, probably more than I should. I have a list of bosses and teachers that would happily testify to that. It tends to be the way that I see scenes for a story. Specific scenes and then I try to connect the different scenes together into some kind of order.

Daydreams were definitely part of my recent book, Bloody Aria. There were a few scenes that came to me in daydreams and managed to stay vivid when I tried to recall them when I reached that point in writing. The fight scene at the end of the book was one of those, I can still see that with a lot of clarity when I think about those scenes.

Worlds like steampunk and fantasy are built on dreams, which is what I love about them. In a dream world there's not limit to what you can come up with. My world of Laitha started with a daydream and built itself outwards from that. It was a daydream of misty streets and a gentleman walking down them and being stopped by a small boy. That started the entire world of Laitha and the more I daydreamed of it, the greater it got.

So dreams are important, just not necessarily the ones I have while I'm sleeping. In a way my stories are the manifestation of my dreams. They start the story for me, give me a guide and then leave me to get myself together and write it.

Just with fewer man-eating preying mantises.

A Laitha Chronicles Tale

When the aero Antoine Suvalese is traveling on comes under attack by the infamous pirate ship, the Bloody Aria, Antoine is taken hostage by the Aria’s dreaded captain, Rivas the Ramshot. Antoine is uncertain if he’s to be ransomed to his father, owner of the powerful Suva Coal Company, or something far more sinister. While awaiting his fate, Antoine is unexpectedly accepted into the crew.

Sailing on the Bloody Aria opens Antoine’s eyes to a wider world and his unexpected attraction to the handsome pirate captain who holds him captive. When he realizes the attraction is reciprocated, Antoine is intrigued. But can he afford to trust Rivas when everyone on the Aria seems to have their own agenda?

Antoine learns there was more to his kidnapping than money, and that morality isn’t as simple as he grew up believing. As the date of the ransom exchange draws near, so do the forces conspiring against the Bloody Aria's crew. Antoine will have to determine who he can trust and who will profit from betraying him, or none of them will survive the imminent confrontation.

Bloody Aria is available from Dreamspinner Press.

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