Saturday, March 14, 2015

Wanna Play? (NSFWish)

And now, a very important announcement from Shawny and Evaine.

So. This was supposed to be a very sad post about how Blogger was changing their policies regarding sexually explicit materials, and about how, after much debate and consideration, Evaine and I felt we had no choice but to shut down our blog after so many years of coffee and porn (more porn than coffee lately), and about how we really appreciate every single one of you for tuning in, especially those of you who followed us from our old home at Wordpress back when WP decided we were too hot for primetime.

It was all going to be pretty sad. I blame those folks who felt we all needed to see Jennifer Lawrence's naked selfies. And possibly North Korea.

It was all going to be so very sad.

But no more! Thanks to the gods of free speech, free porn, or maybe just the gods who realized that we are grown ups dammit, the Google overlords have reversed their decision and have decided we can continue to operate as per usual! CoP lives to blog another day!

The Man Candy was very excited to hear the news! They immediately put on their very best, very teeniest briefs to celebrate!

So, since we've been given a reprieve, we want to play and we need help to fill up our guest calendar! Obviously, if you've got a blog tour coming up, or a new book (or old book, really) to flog, let us know! Anything else to show off? Sex toys? Erotic knitting? We can find you a spot too! We're even happy to do reader interviews (anonymous or otherwise) about why you love m/m romance, LGBT cinema, gay porn or all of the above! If you've got an idea, send us an email at Evaine's pretty dedicated to checking our inbox, so if you don't get a reply within a day or so, be sure to check your spam filter for our reply. We've gotten stuck there on more than one occasion!

Anyway, we're so happy that we get to hang out with you all a little longer. Fingers crossed cooler heads will continue to prevail!

With much love, coffee, and porn

Shawny & Evaine


  1. Happy to hear you're staying put!

  2. I'm so happy to hear that CoP isn't going away! I've been a devoted follower from it's earliest days with Marie and Heidi!

  3. Good news! I followed you here from WP and would have been sad to see you go.

  4. yea! Definitely would have been very sad to see you go. Also been here since the Marie and Heidi days and have loved what you ladies have continued in that fine tradition :)

  5. I was worried, I need my coffee and porn

  6. Yay. Fantastic. :-). I was worried about you Guys when I got the notification from google. Coffee and porn is my wee pick me up everyday that I look forward too. :-). Yay for Google. I'm impressed they listened to their customers. Way cool.

    Aloha and here's to another great year of tiny espresso and big lots of delicious sweeties on the side.

    Aloha and thanks Meg. :-).

    Ps. I don't actually want the coffee part. Lol

  7. I've been with you since the WP days and can't imagine not starting my mornings with COP. I'm so relieved that you got a reprieve. This is a very large internet and all we want is a very small part of it. Thanks for constantly brightening my mornings.

    - Sandra

  8. So, so glad to see this blog continuing. I had just found it a few months ago, and was greatly enjoying the pix, interviews, blog tours, all of it. Thanks for continuing, also, as said above. Brightens my day!

  9. So happy to hear that! I'm with you guys right from the beginning at WP and would miss you terribly!!!

  10. Whew! I would have missed you rather a lot. Glad you'll still be around to brighten my day.