Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Coffee Time

Hooray for strategically placed coffee cups!

I also really dig his tattoo.

Here's today's coffee chat - if you were going to be an erotica or romance writer, what would your pen name be? If you're already using one, how did you choose it? Mine would be Olive Church. That's actually the answer I get from one of those "What's your stripper/porn star name?" quizzes, and I've always thought it was too conservative for that line of work. But I like the image of the buttoned up author writing steamy romances, so Olive Church it is! How about you?


  1. Sam Kaye. With an because I would want to write non erotic fantasy with Sam Kay so I could be next to one of my favorite authors on the bookshelf, Guy Gavriel Kay. It is, of course, my initials.

  2. Maggie Moon, would be mine. Also from the stripper/porn star quizzes. Lol I have always thought it sounds like an old style singer or actress to.

  3. LOL...love everyone's names. I agree on Olive Church. The prim repressed bookish church lady... Little do we know what she writes at home away from prying eyes :-) I write under my own name and am lucky to have Amor as my last name naturally. :-) It's fitting that I write romance erotica. LOL Aloha Meg :- )