Monday, September 22, 2014

Girls Too

Like many people, I have a beef with romance novels where the plain speaking no nonsense heroine always seems to have the perfect lacey bra and panty set on (I also hate the word panty), even after she and the hero have been roughing it in the woods for the last three days while the drug lord hunts for them. When I read passages about "she liked to wear something frilly under her clothes, she liked how feminine it made her feel," this is what I'm going to imagine.


  1. I will say that I am very much a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal, hair up in a messy bun most days, no make-up, etc.....but I do like my lacy underwear *shrug*.

  2. Lol. I also have hate the word panties. Being a NZer we say pants. But writing romance erotica I've had to get aroundy knee jerk reaction to it. I can't use pants because the Americans confuse them with trousers. I loathe undies. Not keen on the British knickers. So it's panties panties panties. Lol. I love the idea of the matching bra and pants set. But that's a fantasy. I wear Simone Perele bras and their pants never fit me. They're mad for European body types. Not sturdy curvy Kiwis. Lol. This my main character Izzy wears sheer or lacy black pants. Regardless of the color of her bra. Lol. She's very me. Lol. Aloha Meg. :-)