Sunday, July 20, 2014

Winner!! Friday Free-For-All with Meg Amor

This week, we met the trio of Isolde, Henry and Charlie, stars of Meg Amor's Troika Trilogy.  On Friday, Meg offered up a digital copy of her short story, Dark War, for a random drawing so a lucky reader could get to know the threesome.  :)   That luck reader is...

Vivalencia!!  Congratulations!!  Meg will be in touch soon about your prize.  :)

And more thanks to Meg for being our guest this week.  :)

Dark War

This sensuous sultry romance is set in an old planation house in The Bayou of Louisiana. Three hearts entwined between two beautiful Creole men and one wild redhead woman. Thunderheads roll in off the bay on a hot and sultry night. The wind chimes are going wild. This heat flash has been building for a few days. Anything could happen...

Lonely Charlie Laralde aches with pent-up sexual tension and love for his two best friends, Henry and Izzy. His desire for them is torn to shreds by a vicious woman convincing him, he's unlovable trash. Like the inner Dark War struggle he's fought his whole life, he gives in to the darkness.
Frustrated and hell bent on destruction, he disappears with an unsavory crowd on a depraved death wish booty-call.

Will Henry and Izzy rescue him in time? Can they convince Charlie he's their hearts desire? And the deep passionate love and desire they have for him?


Troika Love Series Trilogy

~ Henry and Isolde
~ The Chi Circle
~ The Flame Still Burns

Henry and Isolde ~ A steamy love story, set in modern day New Orleans. Henry, an older black musician feels his life is nearing its end. Until he falls in love with Izzy, his white New Zealander, younger, richer, married boss. To his joy—she feels the same way about him. He comes into his sexuality for the first time in his life. But will Izzy leave her husband? And how does Henry's best friend Charlie fit into their lives? It's complicated...

The Chi Circle ~ Charlie comes back early from seeing Mea in New Zealand. It's not working, why? Because he's in love with someone else. Well...two someone's actually. But do his best friends have any idea how he feels? Is this a one sided frustrated fantasy? Or is it possible, they feel the same way? Follow the CHI - Charlie, Henry and Izzy, as their life takes them from Hawaii to New Orleans and France. Where they discover a lifetime just after World War I in Paris—two Russian émigrés cousins and a young Frenchman become lovers.

The Flame Still Burns ~ Life has settled into a happy easy rhythm for the three lovers. Charlie's Club is sold and they are getting ready to go to France, to research the Russian/French lifetime, when there's a knock at the door. Standing on the doorstep is a kid from a rough neighborhood of New Orleans—the spitting image of Charlie. How will they cope with Alex, who twangs at their heart strings? When he gets shot after a gangland shooting, they take him to France, where they unravel the rest of the French lifetime, they're all involved in.

The first of this series will be released later in the year. Look out for it on Amazon.


  1. Aloha everyone. Sorry to be so tardy. Hit a wall but back on deck. I'll be in the computer in a few hours and I'll be sending you the book! :-).

    Thanks so much to Evaine and Shawny for Having me on here. :-). You made me feel most welcome. :-)

    Thanks to everyone for reading an commenting to. I think my publisher I running a special this week. So have a wee look if you want to grab a copy for yourselves.

    I hope you enjoy it Vivalencia. :-)

    Thanks and aloha Meg. :-)