Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday Treat - Meet Logan Zachary

I love writing for Neil Plakcy and all of the other Cleis Press editors. They always ask me to stretch my ideas and move out of my comfort zone. I have been asked to write stories about construction workers, skateboarders, frat boys, beach bums, class differences, and I am proud to say I rose to the occasion, in more ways than one. 

But when Neil asked for a military story, I said, “I can’t do it.” My dad was a Marine and wanted me to be one too. He had a recruiter chasing me my senior year of high school to get me to sign up. I had a scholarship for my freshman year, so I didn’t want to go into the military. When the recruiter finally caught me, I asked him how he got my name. I never signed up for any information. He said my dad gave him the information and I told him to sign my dad up and leave me alone. I was going to college.

While attending college, our family had a pass at the Holiday Inn to use the pool and hot tub.  It was a great way to relax at the end of the day. My best friend/study partner and I would use the pass after studying and enjoy the hot tub. He was in the reserves and had a smoking hot body. Changing in the pool locker room always made me hard, and the cool pool sometimes calmed my arousal. This best friend was my secret crush, and he was a motivating force in my story. 

I would daydream about him on his weekends away at the reserves. I wondered what he was doing and what all the other hot guys did on those weekends. I loved camping and some of his weekends sounded like fun, and thoughts of sharing a tent with a hot guy in hot weather had my mind working: military, boxers, military, naked soldiers… and an idea was born.

When I wrote “Ready Reserve” my title was “Don’t Ask, Just Swell,” but I was sure that was going to be a running theme so I knew my title had to be changed. Sure enough, Neil asked me to change it. I didn’t know how hard it would be to change a title. It was like changing your child’s or dog’s name after a year. My stories are my babies, and when I was asked to write this blog, I had no idea what story was in the Active Duty book and the title was strange. As I read the first line, I knew which one it was and smiled. All the memories came flooding back. 

So I hope “Ready Reserve” is a fun, hot story to enjoy and bring back memories or spark new fantasies. Who can resist a man in a uniform? Well, if he is out of the uniform, if he is laying naked next to you, if ...    

Active Duty exclusive excerpt from Logan Zachary’s ‘Ready Reserve’

The rest of the day was spent playing war games, challenging our shooting skills and tactical skills, and seeing how well we could read a map and use the compass and sights for possible aerial attacks 
The heat of the day beat down on us and I drank as much water as I could to stay hydrated. Two men passed out and had to be sent to the infirmary for IV fluids to rehydrate them. 
Harris motioned for me after supper to head over to the latrine. “Let’s go skinny-dipping. It’ll cool us off before bed.” 
I dreaded to see how hot our tent was going to be and this was the only way to really cool off. “Lead on.” 
We stripped off our clothes back to back and jumped into the water, then swam for a while to relax our sore muscles. Once cool, we floated together. 
“I guess it could be worse,” I said. 
“How?” Harris smiled as he sank lower into the water until only his eyes were above the surface. 
“I’ve had some partners that are so intense and no fun. They couldn’t relax to save their life and would never do this in a million years.” 
“You have to make the best out of life,” Harris said. “If you don’t no one else will.” 
What simple advice and such great insight. “I guess we do make our experiences better or worse by how we see them and react to them.” 
Harris moved closer to me. I could feel his body heat radiate through the water.

 He moved closer. 
We could almost touch and my body tensed. I felt he was going to kiss me, but he held his distance and floated. 
My breathing increased, and my whole body tingled with a schoolgirl crush. What was he doing to me? He was married with children. Was he flirting? What the hell was going on? 
His leg brushed against mine in the water. “Should we head back?” His voice was so smooth and calm.  
“Sure,” I shivered. Not sure whether it was from the cold water or the heat I felt for Harris.
He kicked his legs in front of me, treaded water and looked at me.

I was instantly hard and wondered if he could see, and then I wanted to see if he was too, but couldn’t look down. His gaze held mine.

Do Ask Do Tell

The military has never been sexier when these hunky heroes serve their country and each other in Active Duty: Gay Military Erotic Romance, an anthology edited by Neil Plakcy. Experience the thrill of romantic trysts in the middle of battle, witness the everlasting bonds that develop between men who have put their lives on the line for one another day after day, and swoon over the charismatic charm and hard bodies that only the most disciplined of soldiers possess. With the abolition of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy, being gay in the armed services has never been more accepted, and this collection has fourteen stories celebrating the freedom of our heroes to love and to lust after whomever they desire.

In Shane Allison’s “Weekend Leave”, a man falls in love with a soldier after a night at a bar, an Air Force captain can finally marry his beloved in “Soaring” by Michael Bracken, and when it comes to hierarchies in the military, rank certainly has its privileges for the Sergeants in Bearmuffin’s “Semper Fi Wrestlers.” The stories in Active Duty are as touchingly honest as they are sexy and will give readers a newfound appreciation for these men in uniform.

“The public displays of affection between soldiers and other men, the first same-sex service academy prom dates, and the first same-sex military weddings serve to illustrate something we have known all along—that gay men are strong, brave and resilient, the very characteristics that make a great soldier.”
—Neil Plakcy, from the Introduction

About the Editor
Neil Plakcy is the author of nineteen novels and collections of short stories, as well as the editor of many anthologies for Cleis Press, including Hard Hats, Surfer Boys, Skater Boys, The Handsome Prince, Model Men, Sexy Sailors, and Beach Bums. He began his erotic writing career with a story for Honcho magazine called “The Cop Who Caught Me”, and he’s been writing about cops and sex ever since, most recently with seven novels in the Mahu mystery series. He lives in South Florida. Find him at his website www.mahubooks.com.


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